Say Hello To Rita's

Say Hello To Rita’s

When the idea of doing Birthdays frist came up we really wanted to serve food, but it turns out that spending your adult life running gigs in run-down sweat boxes doesn’t really qualify you for that kind of thing. So, after coming up with a whole bunch of ideas that would have have been pretty tasty in a brutalist sorta way but would have probably bankrupted us in a couple weeks, we decided to seek out some help.

Fortunately around that same time a bunch of our friends started work on Rita’s Bar & Dining, which was essentially a collaboration between four people who had done a ton of other stuff that we really liked. So we went and spoke to them and drank some beer and figured it out and decided to offer them use of our kitchen. As far as we were concerned they could cook whatever they liked as long as a) it tasted good with beer and b) they’d agree to serve it late.

Personally I think they’ve done a pretty amazing job. My favourite dishes are the Fried Chicken Roll, the Patty Melt and the Ox Heart Taco. Seriously, ox heart in a taco. I had no idea ox heart would taste so fucking good. I should have known though, it’s the heart of an ox. Also, I’ve eaten about 30 and I’m now trying to claim a personal trainer as a tex deductible expense.

Yeah, I know, we all got a bit carried away with the meat stuff, they’re working on some more vegetarian options now. Sorry about that.

Rita’s also serves a range of cocktails too, courtesy of resident booze enthusiast Missy Flynn and before you even say it we’ll be expanding the beer options over the next couple of months as well.

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